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Economic entities, entrepreneurs, companies

     LEGAL AND FINANCIAL ADVICE TO ENTREPRENEURS Our law firm provides comprehensive legal and financial advisory services to entrepreneurs and companies. We carry out in-depth analysis of current business standing and offer:

1. advice and legal opinions on how to resolve on-going problems

2. analyses of new business ventures planned by Clients. We advise on specific legal and administrative actions required to achieve the results intended by the Client and to optimize tax obligations. Our law firm provides legal services including inter alia:

     1. Legal advice for start-ups and new entrepreneurs (choice of legal personality, form of taxation, details of incorporation procedure)

  • Starting business activity by natural persons
  • Establishment and transformation of companies

     2. Legal and financial controlling of enterprises including among others:

  • Consultations concerning conclusion of compensation and offset agreements, purchase and sale of debts,
  • Providing opinions on agreements,
  • Special focus on instructions in case of default on contractual or statutory payment date by the Client’s business partner, related court cases and execution proceedings,
  • Conducting bidding procedures and negotiations,
  • Undertaking and carrying on business activities in the Special Economic Zones,
  • Legal guidance on accounting,
  • Analysis of business operations with respect to compliance with foreign Exchange law,
  • Consultations on intra-community transactions and correctness of the evidence confirming their execution,
  • Procedures and documentation related to import and export of goods,
  • Legal services in labour law and social security.